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How should I behave in order to be little as exposed as possible ?

Stay home. Limit your social contacts to the strict minimum. Leaving your house is restricted to the following activities:

  • purchase of food, pharmaceuticals and basic necessities,
  • purchase of agricultural, viticultural, horticultural and forestry products,
  • going to health services,
  • going to the place of work for the exercise of the professional activity,
  • assistance and care for the elderly, minors, dependent people, disabled people or particularly vulnerable people,
  • going to social security services in case of an emergency,
  • going to financial and insurance institutes, as well as postal services, in the event of an emergency,
  • going to commercial entities and service providers as listed under the question: "Which commercial activities continue to be available?"
  • individual outdoor leisure activities or limited to people living together, excluding gatherings and under the condition that an interpersonal distance of two metres is respected.