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International Travel

All in-coming passengers, whether by air, land or water have been prohibited.

All passenger planes coming from outside Uganda will not be allowed to land at any of Uganda’s airports.

Only cargo planes will be allowed to fly into and out of Uganda.

Planes on account of emergency or the UN planes involved in the relief work and other UN operations will also be allowed in as will be agreed with the mandated Government authorities.

The crews of these cargo or UN Mission planes will be accommodated in locations agreed with concerned authorities.

Domestic flights will continue to operate for now.

In conformity with International Law, this prohibition of in-coming passenger planes comes into force from midnight of 21st March, 2020.

No person, Ugandan or otherwise will be allowed to enter Uganda by land or water, except for drivers and accompanying crews for cargo transport vehicles; trailers, lorries and other cargo vehicles. These should not exceed three (3) people per vehicle.

Buses, mini-buses, saloon cars or boda-bodas will not be allowed into the country. Pedestrians walking on foot and bicycle cyclists will also not be allowed to enter Uganda, nor will they be allowed to exit.